Agency of investment development
of the Republic of Mari El


Today, the Republic of Mari El is one of the dynamically developing regions of the Volga Federal District and Russia, in general.

Our Republic has extensive natural resources, a developed industry and agricultural sector, as well as qualified personnel. It creates a good basis for investment attraction and business cooperation development. In the Republic, there is the required regulatory basis developed which allows solving different problems faced by the business, which makes the region attractive to the Russian and foreign investors.

I am pleased to say that according to the growth rates of the industry and agriculture, the Republic of Mari El has been one of the leading regions in the Volga Federal District for more than a decade, annually demonstrating stable indicators of the economy development.

Of course, there are certain problems. We understand that today it is important to stimulate creation of innovation infrastructure – technology parks, business-incubators, technology transfer centers, develop the talent pool, restore professional training and improve education based on the requirements of the real economy sector. All these matters are actively dealt with by the Government. We are open to investments, waiting for proactive businessmen who are able in fact rather than in word to make their contribution to business, and we are eager to support them in any way possible!

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